Founding a chapter of Alpha Pi Phi is an amazing and rewarding experience; uniting women from various places and backgrounds together for a common purpose. If creating a home away from home, fostering friendships, mentoring, and giving back to the community while keeping our four pillars of leadership, academics, philanthropy, and sisterhood in mind sounds like an opportunity you would like to pursue, starting a chapter of Alpha Pi Phi Sorority may be the right decision for you. The reward of accomplishing an incredible task is well worth the effort.

Over the past nine years, Alpha Pi Phi has expanded to ten post-secondary institutions across North America. Currently, we have eight chapters in Canada and two chapters in the United States, and are currently open for expansion!


Do you want a chapter of Alpha Pi Phi on your campus?


Our International Vice President of Sorority Development and Expansion, Beka Chan, will be your main contact for information on anything potential founding sisters need to know about expansion. 

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Our Anti-Hazing Policy states that the prevention and elimination of hazing is the responsibility of each individual member of Alpha Pi Phi Sorority, the Executive Council, and the Chapter as a whole. We take these situations very seriously and at no point should a sister, whether she is active, pledging, alumna, or honorary, feel like she is being hazed. As members of Alpha Pi Phi, we have a zero tolerance policy towards hazing. For specifics, please read our Anti-Hazing Policy.