The founding of Alpha Pi Phi's International Council (ICAPP) is a tribute to the hard work and success of all our sisters in each of our Chapters and Colonies. The need for a governing body to oversee our challenges and accomplishments proves that Alpha Pi Phi is continuing to grow strong and rapidly. As one of the fastest growing Canadian sororities in North America, the International Council will continue to be able to establish and organize our expanding network.

The International Council will ensure our Sorority's standards are upheld and promote our motto of Love, Loyalty, and Friendship. In addition, the International Council is in charge of planning the annual Alpha Pi Phi International Conference, at which time sisters from all Chapters are encouraged to come together to discuss ideas to improve our sisterhood.



International President 

(1st Councillor)

Chapter: Beta

Initiation: Fall 2013, Epsilon Class



I'm Maddie and this is my third year serving on the International Council. This will be my sixth year as a member of Alpha Pi Phi and I am truly honoured to get to spend it as the International President. I hope I can work with the rest of ICAPP to lead our organization in a positive direction and act as a resource for any sister who may need it. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything, that is what ICAPP is here for!


Phi love!


International Treasurer (2nd Councillor)

Chapter: Eta

Initiation: Fall 2017, Epsilon Class

This organization has truly made my undergraduate experience! I've learned so many things over the years that I would never have learned if it weren't for my various roles in Alpha Pi Phi. I'm especially excited to serve on the International Council! Alpha Pi Phi has given me so much over the years that despite being an alumna sister I wanted to stay involved and give back to the organization. I look forward to my role as International Treasurer, to help all of our sisters and chapters in any way I can!


International Secretary (3rd Councillor)

Chapter: Gamma

Initiation: Winter 2017, Kappa Class

Joining Alpha Pi Phi was one of the best decisions that I made in my Undergrad. I met so many inspiring women who taught me exactly what leadership, academics, philanthropy, and sisterhood were about. During my time as an active sister, I held the position of Secretary and Vice-President and was then Chapter Advisor after being granted alumni status. Each position has helped me to learn so much more about this wonderful organization and I look forward to this continuous growth. This year, I am excited to take on the role of International Secretary on the International Council of Alpha Pi Phi. I am beyond grateful to be able to give back to an organization that has given me so much over the past few years!


International Vice President of Sorority Development & Expansion (4th Councillor)

Chapter: Eta

Initiation: Winter 2016

I joined Alpha Pi Phi during my third year at Simon Fraser University and my only regret is not finding this organization sooner! I had no clue what I was getting myself into but it turned out to be the best decision that I made in my undergraduate years. I met so many incredible young women that have inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone and taught me about unconditional love and acceptance. As the Vice President of Expansion and Sorority Development, I’m excited to see Alpha Pi Phi grow and help other women find a home away from home as I have.


International Vice President of Chapter Standards & Risk Management 

(5th Councillor)

Chapter: Beta

Initiation: Spring 2015, Theta Class

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International Vice President of Alumnae Relations (6th Councillor)

Chapter: Beta

Initiation: Spring 2016, Kappa Class

I joined Alpha Pi Phi in my first year of study at Brock University and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Throughout my undergrad I had my sisters by my side where we each grew through love, loyalty and friendship and I had so many amazing experiences I wouldn’t have had without APP. I am so excited to serve as our International Vice President of Alumnae Relations and continue to serve and support our alumnae sisters as we grow with our lifelong sisterhood!


International Vice President of Public Relations & External Affairs (7th Councillor)

Chapter: Gamma

Initiation: Winter 2017, Gamma Class

In my first year at Queen's I felt feelings of isolation and confusion as I navigated living alone for the first time. Discovering Alpha Pi Phi was the family that I needed to not only get through first year, but my entire university career. What I didn't expect was the growth I saw within myself through my years as an active. I sat on my chapter's exec council as Membership Development Officer and as President. Being a sister of APP has become part of my identity and I am so excited to be able to continue my journey as an alumni member. This year I strive to increase communication between ICAPP and chapters and to create meaningful content that will inspire our chapters to cultivate spaces where all sisters can have the same experience I did. 


International Vice President of New Chapter Support (8th Councillor)

Chapter: Epsilon

Initiation: Fall 2016, Epsilon Class

Wow! When I rushed Alpha Pi Phi at the beginning of my undergrad I did not think I'd be here. I am so grateful for all the things APP has given me; from lifelong friendships to leadership skills and experiences APP has helped to shape me and prepare me to serve as the 2020-2021 International VP of New Chapter Support! There is no way for me to express my gratitude and devotion when it comes to all the fantastic women I have met through this organization but what I can do is tell you, the person reading this, that these girls and this organization have had a huge positive impact on me and I can't wait for this adventure!


Electoral Officer

Chapter: Gamma


Alpha Pi Phi has given me the opportunity to work collaboratively with my sisters towards aiding and improving my academics, leadership skills as well as guiding me to give the most back to my community. I am honoured to be able to help the organization continue to grow after graduating last year and will hold this special sisterhood close to my heart for the rest of my life. If you need help or have any APP questions please feel free to reach out and myself as well as the ICAPP team will always do our best to assist you.


International Conference Chair

Chapter: Gamma

Initiation: Fall 2018, Nu Class

I joined APP in first semester of my first year at St Lawrence College in Kingston. I was lucky enough to have my biological sister introduce me to this amazing organization and I am excited to be on ICAPP with her this year. Gamma Chapter and my Alpha Pi Phi family have taught me so much over the last two years and holding 2 different positions has instilled new confidence and leadership skills which will help me to excel in this position as well as my diploma in hospitality and tourism management, I am so excited to put all of this to good use and serve on the ICAPP board this year!


International Keeper of the Ritual Chair

Chapter: Iota

Initiation: Summer 2016, Founding Sister

Being a founding sister of the Iota Chapter of Alpha Pi Phi has impacted my life in more ways than I could have imagined. Through APP, I've had the opportunity to meet my best friends, give back to the community, develop my leadership skills to become the leader I am today, and provide a sense of belonging and unconditional love for other members of our sisterhood. My love for Alpha Pi Phi has only grown since being on ICAPP, I can't wait to continue to positively impact our organization and help others strive to do the same!


International Philanthropy Chair

Chapter: Delta

Initiation: Fall 2016, Delta Class

My role is to assist with organization-wide philanthropic pursuits. I work to keep our sisters motivated, chapters on track with hours and activities, providing suggestions for events, and seeking ways to engage Alpha Pi Phi with our philanthropy pillar! I am a resource for all things philanthropy!


International Expansion Chair

Chapter: Eta

Initiation: Spring 2017, Delta Class


International Council Advisor

Chapter: Beta

Initiation: Epsilon Class

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